Time is on my side – 2021 Greater Bay Area Young Artists Scheme

Event Introduction:

Macao is a city with special status in China. It not only plays an important role in China’s economy, but also showcases the integration of Chinese and Western cultures. Since its handover and return to China, Macao has gained new life, and the promotion of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) has ushered in a great leap forward in opportunities for art and culture. From an historic and cultural perspective, Macao's unique advantages have made it an important part of the development of culture and art in the GBA.

The Greater Bay Area Young Artists Scheme focuses on promoting Chinese culture, especially that of the GBA, by providing a platform for young artists in the region. The aim of the event is to demonstrate the inclusivity of the cultural industries in the GBA and highlight the potential of the younger generation through showcasing their painting and photography.

Time Is On My Side, explore your creativity and imagination.


Theme of Competition:
Time Is On My Side




• Competition announcement: 15 July
• Collection period for art pieces: 15 July – 27 August
• Shortlist announcement: 10 September
• Online exhibition of final entries: From 10 September (WeChat app)
• Judging completed: 15  22 September
• Award ceremony: To Be Confirm
• Winning art pieces exhibition: To Be Confirm



First Prize: 6 winners (3 winners of each painting and photo category).
  RMB 100,000 each with certificate
Second Prize: 8 winners (4 winners of each painting and photo category)
  RMB 50,000 each with certificate
Third Prize: 10 winners (5 winners of each painting and photo category)
  RMB 25,000 each with certificate

Academic Committee:

• Guan Huaibin (Director of Academic Committee): Dean of School of Intermedia Art and Professor of China Academy of Art

• Alexandra Grimmer: Independent Curator and Publicist, Director of International Projects, Department of the Lingsheng Art Foundation in Beijing, and Director of Lelong Gallery in Zurich

• Ng Fong Chao: Director of Macau Artist Society, President of Ox Warehouse, Curator of Macao Museum of Art

• Hu Bin: Deputy Curator of Art Museum of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Professor of Art Management Department

• Wang Lan: Associate Professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Arts of Macau University of Science and Technology, Doctoral Supervisor of Fine Arts and Design

• Song Zhenxi (Secretary General of Academic Committee): Researcher, Exhibition of Culture Research Center of China Academy of Art, Director of Curatorial Department of Research and Development Center of Media City, China Academy of Art, Academic Consultant of CAEA Museum of Sichuan Fine Arts institute, Founder of Art Bureau of Investigation.


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