Project Sands X: Beyond the Blue – An Exhibition of Ceramic Extraordinaire
Organised by the Macao SAR government, Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021 is being held throughout Macao between July and October. In support of this important citywide event, Sands China Ltd. has partnered with internationally renowned ceramic artist Caroline Cheng to curate a unique exhibition Project Sands X: Beyond the Blue – An Exhibition of Ceramic Extraordinaire.
The objective of the exhibition is not only to deeply explore the connections between ceramics and technology, but also to go beyond the traditional blue and white colour scheme of ceramics. The exhibition theme takes its cue from the mood around the world at this moment in time, and features artwork from over 20 international artists and institutions on display at The Venetian Macao. The exhibition hopes to bring positivity to the world through works that go beyond all expectations and imagination, while inspiring us to likewise go beyond the blue mood of the pandemic in optimism for a brighter future near at hand.
Works combine technology and ceramics with innovative presentation, and visitors can interact with some of the pieces. Exhibits made from recycled ceramics promoting sustainability in art will also be introduced with a vision to create a better world.
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Date: 15 July to 31 October, 2021
Time: 10:00 - 22:00
Venue: The Venetian Macao

For more information about the artists and their work, please contact our curator team at:

Curator: Caroline Cheng
Curator Biography Curator Biography

Caroline Cheng is an artist and curator, whose promotion of Chinese ceramic arts over decades has earned her renown in China and throughout the world.

As an artist, Caroline has held solo exhibitions in Sotheby’s Hong Kong in 2013 and New York in 2015. Her work has been collected by the British Museum, Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge, San Francisco Asian Art Museum and the Boston Museum of Fine Art. Cheng has received prizes for her work in the Keramiak Museum in Westerwald, Germany and the Clay and Glass Film Festival in Montpellier France. She won a Mino International Ceramic Award 2017, the "Outstanding Achievement Award" from the American National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts in 2014, and the Japan Good Design Award for Community Development in 2020.

Caroline is the owner of the Pottery Workshop in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Jingdezhen and Dali. Its mission is to educate and promote the art of handmade ceramics. She is also the co-founder of Yi Design, and is currently working on research of recycled ceramic waste as building material.

Parallel Exhibition
Parallel Exhibition of Beyond the Blue of The Everson Museum of Art
Parallel Exhibition Parallel Exhibition
The Everson Museum of Art contains one of the United States’ foremost collections of ceramic art. In 1916, the museum purchased a group of porcelains by Syracuse potter Adelaide Alsop Robineau, who is today considered one of America's finest ceramists and whose work is known throughout the world. In 1932, the Ceramic National exhibitions were established in her memory by Museum Director Anna Olmstead. This important series of exhibitions not only represented the sole national platform for the exposition of ceramics at the time, but it also enabled the museum to amass one of the most comprehensive holdings of American ceramic art in the nation.

In participating in “Project Sands X – Beyond the Blue” exhibition of Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021, and building on themes of interactivity and celebration, the Everson has created a real-time exhibition in the museum that can be viewed in 3D by remote visitors using the Matterport platform via smartphone or using an interactive screen at The Venetian Macao main lobby. Viewers will be able to maneuver through the 360-degree space, while translated text and audio/video hyperlinks will provide more information in English and Chinese.

“Beyond the Blue” will feature a full range of signature works from the Everson—from colourful Pop Art by legendary Chinese-American ceramist Ka Kwong Hui and his frequent collaborator Roy Lichtenstein to contemporary works by artists like Peter Pincus and Dylan Beck that fit the theme. 
Art Competition


The Greater Bay Area Young Artists Scheme focuses on promoting Chinese culture, especially that of the GBA, by providing a platform for young artists in the region. The aim of the event is to demonstrate the inclusivity of the cultural industries in the GBA and highlight the potential of the younger generation through showcasing their painting and photography.

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About Art Macao 2021

Art Macao: Making Life Beautiful

As a large-scale international cultural and artistic event in Macao, "Art Macao" has brought an immersive cultural atmosphere to the entire city as a gallery and an art garden. A brand-new urban cultural tourism brand is taking shape, prepared to generate a huge mass fervour for contemporary art in Macao.

"Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021" is back from July to October 2021. Government departments, enterprises together with artists from all over the world will bring diverse visual arts experiences under the theme "To create for well-being".

"Art Macao: Macao International Art Biennale 2021" is divided into several sections: Main Exhibition, Special Exhibition of Resorts and Hotels, Public Art Exhibition, Creative City Pavilion, Selected Works by Local Artists and Collateral Exhibition, among others. By gathering creative ideas from around the world, it aims to promote the reputation of Macao as a world heritage city and reshape the humanistic spirit in the post-epidemic era.

Curated by Professor Qiu Zhijie, one of the most influential contemporary artists in China and Dean of the School of Experimental Art of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, the Main Exhibition, themed "Advance and retreat of globalization", is divided into three parts: "The Dream of Mazu", "Matteo Ricci’s Labyrinth of Memory" and "Advance and Retreat of Globalization", providing a space for reflection and discussion on globalization and individuality, life and dream, remoteness and proximity, security and happiness, among others. The Main Exhibition also echoes the geographical and cultural identities of Macao, and triggers an in-depth dialogue between local and external artistic concepts in the globalization process.

Laying on the longitudes of different cities and in the latitudes of creativity, "Art Macao" not only hosts international masters and local celebrities, but also attracts the participation of prestigious cities such as Macao, the City of Gastronomy; Nanjing, the City of Literature; Wuhan, the City of Design; Linz, the City of Media Arts. Whilst point of convergence of unique cultural essences originating from various creative cities, Macao will once again become a great garden filled of artistic creativity.

From July to October this year, Macao will connect the whole world with creativity and allow the public to enjoy beauty and vividness. Create for the well-being of the world, create for the evolution of the world.