Ingrid Murphy
Artist Biography:
Ingrid Murphy was born in Ireland, she is currently the Academic Lead for Transdisciplinary at Cardiff School of Art & Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University. A practicing ceramic artist, in 2011 Ingrid was awarded a Creative Wales award to explore how new technologies could influence the sole practitioner in ceramics. In 2012 Ingrid led the development of the innovative maker programme at Cardiff which combines traditional making skills with new technologies. Ingrid uses traditional as well as digital processes to make interactive artifacts which she exhibits internationally.
In 2015 Ingrid was awarded a National Teaching Fellowship for her contribution to art and design education. Ingrid currently leads the FabCre8 research group at Cardiff School of Art & Design, as is the master of ceremonies at the International Ceramics Festival held biannually in Aberystwyth, Wales.
Creative Concept:

Ingrid Murphy combines traditional making skills with digital technologies to create interactive artefacts. Her research focuses on reimagining or augmenting domestic or historical ceramic objects to create new and engaging experiences. The work "She Danced Him into a Flat Spin" was created by 3D scanning an historical Staffordshire figurine in a virtual reality environment, scaling it to human size and dancing with the figure, the resulting digital objects were then 3D printed and cast in ceramics. The final figure can be played as a Theremin, as the conductivity of the gold lustre decoration is used as a circuit antenna.
(Note: Due to the venue limitation, this piece is unavailable for visitors to touch.)

Ingrid's academic research explores how new technologies can influence how we both experience and teach craft.