Li Bo
Artist Biography:
Li Bo graduated with a BA in sculpture at the School of Art and Design at Yanshan University. In 2017, he set up his studio in Jingdezhen. He likes to combine ceramics with other materials such as electronic gadgets to explore another possibility in ceramics.
Creative Concept:

The design was inspired by the pebbles from the stream. After being washed and molded by nature, the angular rocks become amiable, unpretentious and natural. The porcelain and glazes are made from the rocks, he uses clay to change back to rock shapes. The baptism of water and fire made colorful coats for the porcelain rocks. Light gives life to all things in the nature, so that there could be a colorful world. The light invented by human beings to used back in nature, "Porcelain" and "Rock" have a new dialogue with the world.