Nicholas Lenker
Artist Biography:
Nicholas Lenker is currently living and working in Philadelphia as a resident artist at The Clay Studio.
Lenker approaches new-media-based content from a craft-based perspective, exploring ideas of embodiment and disembodiment when interacting with virtual spaces. How do avatars within video games and social media affect our identity in the physical world? Lenker's art explores this connection between form and image through ceramics, digitally manipulated images, installation and animation.
Creative Statement:

Nicholas's escape from difficult and at times traumatic issues in his upbringing was often through video games and the internet. Both were new media and were forming a new world at that time. Watching the focus of society shift broadly from analog to digital, while at the same time undergoing a reconstruction of his own personal reality profoundly influenced, and found expression through, his art. These shifts in how truth is perceived inform Lenker's interest in how we all understand what is "real". The rise of "new media" continues to fascinate and influence Nicholas Lenker's work as an artist.