John Neely
Neely is a professor of Ceramics at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, USA since 1984. With a BFA from Alfred University and an MFA from Ohio University, he also worked in Japan for many years, including two years as a Ministry of Culture Postgraduate Fellow at Kyoto University of the Arts. Since 1975, he has exhibited and lectured in the U.S., Europe and around the Pacific Rim. Most of his work is intended for the tabletop or kitchen.
Artist Biography

Creative Concept:

If the famous pottery of Yixing is known as Purple Sand, much of Neely’s work over the last thirty years might be called Black Sand. It relies on the transmutation of metallic oxides in the firing and cooling process. Black serves as perfect complement precious metals, but when he uses silver and gold glaze, it is always in subtle ways, not to dazzle the viewer, but rather to reward close inspection.

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