Trudy Golley

Golley received her education in ceramics at the Alberta College of Art, the University of Calgary (BFA) and the University of Tasmania (MFA) in Hobart, Australia. She has been invited to participate in ceramic residencies, lecture, and gave workshops all around the world and Malta. Trudy has taught ceramics in the School of Creative Arts at Red Deer College in Alberta Canada since 2000, she has also been engaged in residencies and teaching at the Pottery Workshop in Jingdezhen since 2005.
Inducted into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2002, she is the recipient of grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, Manitoba Arts Council and Alberta Foundation for the Arts. Her works are represented in public and private collections in Canada, China, Denmark and Australia.

Artist Biography

Creative Concept:

Over the course of studio practice of the artist, she has used light to attract and locate the viewer, to provide an unexpected sense of discovery, and to address notions of conceptual and intellectual illumination. Her work explores the material and immaterial through the creation of a ‘drawing’ in light and shadow. Creating pieces that demonstrate the space where only light exists is as important as the object that defines it. Interested in how elements such as fired clay, glass and gold may be brought into conjunction with each other, she creates novel forms and experiences for the viewer to encounter. Without depicting a specific event, object or place, she aims to capture a sense of the sublime in order to hold the viewer’s attention and trigger their imagination.

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