Vinod Kumar Daroz

Born in southern India, Daroz studied sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, MS University and completed his postgraduate studies (MFA) in ceramic sculpture in 1999. Daroz has received the National Scholarship for Young Artist (Government of India,1997) and Charles Wallace India Trust Award (British Council, India. 2004). He is also a member of the International Academy of Ceramic (IAC) Geneva and International Ceramic Artists Association, Zibo China. He has had more than 13 solo shows with prestigious galleries in India and abroad and his work has been chosen by numerous curators to be part of group shows. He has been invited to national and international symposiums and exhibitions.

Artist Biography

Creative Concept:

Deeply rooted in the Indian tradition, his work exercises everyday, mundane forms of mortar and pestle – a domestic utility in Indian households for preparing food sustenance – as a symbol of creation. The floral motifs in the work signals coming toward fertility, abundance, and the creation of beautiful things. The exhibits are a combination of stoneware clay and porcelain, demonstrating the contrast of characteristics between the form and materials. They are enhanced with the playful use of metallic glazes and patterns, the strength of porcelain, and pure gold, reflecting the ethereal, mystical and spiritual aspect of creation.

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