11.11 Flash Sale FAQ

1. Does this offer only apply to room bookings made on 11 November 2016?
Correct. You may only book a room AND choose to purchase an Add-on Offer on 11 November 2016. 

2. What is the stay period for this promotion?
Any available day before 27 January 2017.

3. May I purchase an Add-on offer without booking a hotel room?

4. Do I purchase Add-on Offers at the same time as room booking?
No. To purchase Add-on offers, you have to first book a room, and then return to the sale page with the booking confirmation ID. 

5. Why is my confirmation ID not working?
Please check that your confirmation ID is from an order from the official hotel website booked using the 11.11 Promotional Rate.

6. Where can I find my confirmation ID?
You can find the booking confirmation ID either on the confirmation page after you've booked a room, or in the email that is sent following a booking. 

7. Why can I only select one Spa offer? Do I need to make the reservation in advance?
The Spa offer is limited to one purchase per booking confirmation ID. Please make a reservation in advance to redeem this offer.

8. What payment methods may I choose from?
It depends on which offer you choose -- SPA treatment must be prepaid via Alipay/WePay; Round-trip ferry ticket must be paid upon redemption; Eiffel Tower Observation Deck 7F, Buffet (Breakfast/Lunch) & Gondola Ride can choose to pre-pay with Alipay/WePay or pay upon redemption. * WePay payment must be made through Sands Resorts Macao WeChat official account.

9. Can I purchase Add-on offers with my booking confirmation ID after November 11?
No, the offers are limited to November 11 and will be unavailable to purchase on a later date. 

10. How can I pay for my Add-on offers with WePay?
To purchase Add-on offer(s) with Wepay, you must make a payment through Sands Resorts Macao WeChat official account.

11. How many MOP11 offers can I choose to purchase?
You can only purchase one of the five MOP11 Add-on offers. The gift bag is limited to one per confirmation ID. 

12. If I purchased more than one add-on offer with the same booking confirmation ID, can I redeem them separately? 
No. If multiple add-on offers were purchased with the same booking confirmation ID, they must be redeemed at the same time. For example, if two Buffet add-ons were purchased using the same booking confirmation ID, they must be redeemed at the same time. 

13. If I buy multiple MOP11 add-on offers of the same type, can they be used by more than one person?
Yes, but they have to be together when the offers are redeemed and the offers must be used at the same time.

14. How can I check my Add-on Offer purchases?
You can check your purchase on the sale website by clicking the "Check My Order" button.

15. When can I redeem the Add-on Offers?
The redemption period starts from 3pm on 12 November, 2016. You can only redeem the offers during the dates of your reservation.

16. How can I redeem the Add-on Offers?
You must bring a printed version of the Hotel Confirmation Email to the designated location to redeem the Add-on offers.

17. Can I choose the Round-trip ferry to depart from Macao to Hong Kong instead? Can I depart from any other places?
No. The Round-trip ferry offer can only be redeemed for ferries departing from Hong Kong and returning from Macao.

18. Why am I having trouble with my Add-on Offer payments?
Please check your Alipay or Wepay account or contact Alipay or Wepay to look into any payment issues.

19. How can I redeem the Round-trip ferry tickets?
Round-trip ferry tickets need to be redeemed with in 14 days before check-in date. The ferry tickets from HongKong to Macao can only be used on the check-in date, and return tickets must be used within 7 days after check in hotel.

20. If I cannot claim a gift bag, can I cancel and refund my room booking?
No. Once the room is booked, it cannot be refunded or modified.

21. I have already purchased an Add-on Offer with my confirmation ID, but forgot to select a gift bag, can I go back to select one?
No, once you have used a confirmation ID to purchase an offer, you cannot go back and change your order. 

22. Where can I go to redeem my Add-ons Offers and Gift Bag?
The Gift Bag can be redeemed at Main Lobby Concierge or Level B1 Concierge at The Parisian Macao. The other Add-on Offers can be redeemed at their ticketing counter / redemption locations. 

23. At which Spa locations can I redeem the Spa Treatment offer?
The Spa offer can be redeemed at the Parisian Macao's Le SPA'tique and Conrad Macao's Bodhi Spa. Reservations is required. 

24. Does my Eiffel Tower ticket add-on offer allow me to visit the Eiffel Tower 37F Observation Deck? 
No, this offer is only limited to the 7F Eiffel Tower Observation Deck.

25. At which restaurants can I redeem the Buffet offer?
You can redeem this offer for breakfast/lunch at any of the following restaurants: Bambu (Closed for renovation until 6 December, 2016), Grand Orbit, Le Buffet, Golden Peacock, 888 Buffet, Dreamworks Po's Kung Fu Feast.

26. Why is my payment page stuck at the “loading” message? Do I need to close the window and pay again? If I have already completed half of my payment, will I be charged twice?
Due to the large amount of traffic to our website on 11.11, our system may be slower than usual. Please be patient and wait for the page to finish loading, or, alternatively, try reloading the payment page.
PLEASE NOTE: Please do not repeatedly refresh the page or click on the “confirm” button. Otherwise you may accidently add additional payments. 

27. Booked, didn’t receive the confirmation number but money deduct?
The confirmation page might delay due to the high traffic volume on the websites. But if you still haven’t received the confirmation number, please email us: activities@sands.com.mo with your contact details and we will follow up as soon as possible.

28. Booked, didn’t receive the confirmation number and no money deduct?
The confirmation page might delay due to the high traffic volume on the websites. But if you still haven’t received the confirmation number, please proceed to our official webpage and try again, our MOP11 add-on offers will still be available to book before midnight today!

29. Booked but can’t buy the MOP11 add-on offer(s)?
Please ensure that you booked the hotel room of the 11.11 Flash Sale. If you still can’t buy the MOP11 please email us: activities@sands.com.mo your booking details and we will follow up as soon as possible.

30. Duplicate bookings and charges?
We will make sure the duplicate charges are handled properly as soon as possible, so please provide us with your booking details and contact info to the email: activities@sands.com.mo for us to follow up. The MOP11 add-on offer(s) is happening today only, so if you haven’t booked yet, please proceed to our official page and use any of your existing confirmation ID to buy.

11.11 Flash Sale