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Black Pearl Degustation Menu

Sands Resorts Macao has been recognised at the influential Meituan Black Pearl Restaurant Guide 2023 for a sixth year in a row, with two signature restaurants achieving diamond ratings – The Parisian Macao's La Chine (two diamonds) and Four Seasons Hotel Macao's Zi Yat Heen (one diamond). In celebration of the recognition, specially curated Black Pearl menus made with the finest ingredients have been launched.

*Price is subject to 10% service charge

La Chine

Black Pearl Two-Diamond Restaurant


Located inside the Eiffel Tower at The Parisian Macao, award-winning La Chine offers guests a symphony of exquisite Cantonese flavours curated by Executive Chinese Chef, Ben Lui, enhanced by panoramic views of the Cotai Strip.

Black Pearl Degustation Menu
MOP2,088* per person

Level 6, Eiffel Tower, The Parisian Macao
Booking: +853 8118 8822

La Chine's signature assorted appetizers

Deep-fried shrimp paste lobster claw and poached lobster in spicy and sour soup

Sautéed A5 Wagyu beef with black garlic, Chinese leek and crispy shiso

Double-boiled chicken soup with South African abalone, matsutake, conpoy and fish maw

Homemade almond and egg white sweetened soup with bird's nest and snow lotus seed, deep-fried charcoal sesame ball stuffed with custard

Braised Hokkaido sea cucumber with Quinoa in superior broth


Zi Yat Heen

Black Pearl One-Diamond Restaurant


Award-winning restaurant Zi Yat Heen has been the jewel in the crown of the hotel from its very first day. Using the finest ingredients and following meticulous traditional cooking techniques, Zi Yat Heen captures the essence of classic Cantonese cuisine, helmed by Executive Chinese Chef, Charles Cheung. While savouring exquisite dishes, guests are also pampered with exceptional service in an elegant and comfortable setting.

Black Pearl Degustation Menu
MOP1,880* per person

Lobby level, Four Seasons Hotel Macao
Booking: +853 2881 8818

Zi Yat Heen Deluxe Appetizers

Double-Boiled Mallard Duck, Conpoy, Sea Whelk, French Morel Mushroom

Steamed Half Indonesian Lobster, Minced Ginger, Rice Wine

Sauteed Star Garoupa Fillet with Shishito Peppers, Dried Sarcodon Aspratus, X.O. Chili Sauce

Braised Wagyu Beef Cheek in Dark Soy Sauce

Crispy Rice, Seafood, Fish Broth

Sweetened Iran Pistachio Cream
Sweetened Iran Pistachio Mochi