Queen's Jewellery

Jadeite Key Pendent - Clover
The four leaf clover is universally accepted symbol of good luck with its origin ages old.The leaves of four leaf clovers as a lucky charm can stand for: Faith.Hope.Love.Luck.On this pendant we used the jade in the center to connect the four heart shaped leaves together.


Size:  Length 7.5/13.6mm, Width 4.0/4.1mm, Depth 2.4/2.1mm

Material: 18K white gold 5.45gm, 92 Diamonds 0.69ct, 4 Pink Sapphire 0.52ct, 2 Jade 0.72/1.42ct

Colour: Green


  • Jadeite
  • Diamonds
  • Pink Sapphire



Exclusively available in Macao at Sands Shoppes