Queen's Jewellery

Jadeite Key Pendent - Royal Fan
Royal fan key pendant, housing one of the largest jades in the key series. its crown is meticulously detailed with diamonds and sapphires. with a jade center piece weighing 2.88ct. its shaft is white gold with a cluster of diamonds for the key head. Total diamonds 91 at 0.50ct, 7 pink sapphires at 0.65ct and 18K white gold at 5.30g.


Size: Length 14.79mm, Width 6.40mm, Depth 2.06mm

Material: 18K white gold 5.30gm, 91 Diamonds 0.50ct, 7 Pink Sapphire 0.65ct, 1 Jade 2.88ct

Colour: Green


  • Jadeite
  • Diamonds
  • Pink Sapphire


Exclusively available in Macao at Sands Shoppes