With time goes by, love always last forever. Ruby represents love; Beryl represents fortune and diamonds represents forever. These luxury stones are all set in this timepiece, which symbolizes the true love of two which always exists going through time. Therefore, the wearer of this will be blessed by this.


Size: Ladies' size


White Gold    
Diamond Baguette 15.44 Ct     Qty 124.00
Diamond Trapeze 2.350 Ct     Qty 6.00
Green Emerald Square
0.710 Ct     Qty 14.00
Green Emerald Trapeze
3.420 Ct     Qty 58.00
Ruby Square 6.910 Ct     Qty 29.00
Ruby Triangle
1.880 Ct     Qty 8.00

Colour: White Gold


  • Quartz

Exclusively available in Macao at Sands Shoppes