Loro Piana featuring Hiroshi Fujiwara: the new capsule collection

Tokyo, 13th October 2021 - Loro Piana announces its collaboration with Japanese artist Hiroshi Fujiwara on a genderless capsule collection, where streetwear style meets the fine fabrics and essential elegance emblematic of Loro Piana.

This is the first-ever collaboration for the maison, which chose Fujiwara’s unmistakable style to interpret its distinctive aesthetic in an innovative way, generating ten looks characterized by clean lines and a minimalist design.

The timeless elegance and ultimate craftmanship of Loro Piana meet Japanese purity; the heritage of a century-old maison finds a perfect match with the traditional culture of the “land of the rising sun”: the capsule is a fusion of two universes brought together in a mix that the designer interprets in a new, disruptive way. For Loro Piana, Hiroshi Fujiwara was keen to keep luxury at the forefront and transform it into gender-fluid second skin: "Working with Loro Piana, which accepted the challenge, was really exciting, cool and fun", says Hiroshi Fujiwara, who decided to use his own name for the first time in a collaboration.

The collection is made up of dynamic garments and understated accessories in Hiroshi Fujiwaras signature colour palette of navy blue, black, charcoal and white, while the quality of the materials - from Tasmanian Super 150'S Wool to Baby Cashmere - and attention to detail, are classic Loro Piana.

Street style evolves and becomes more sophisticated: function meets comfort with soft, cosy fabrics and the discreet charm of flowing, natural cuts. Key pieces include the reversible bomber, the overcoat and sweaters in a Tsunaghi print, the Japanese symbol of happiness and interaction. The chain links symbolize a precious bond, reminding us that together we’re stronger, while celebrating the joy of living together.

Designer, musician, prominent influencer and founder of the fashion label "Fragment" and home goods brand “retaW”, Hiroshi Fujiwara is considered a streetwear guru from New York to Tokyo, and applies his many talents in different sectors.

The debut Loro Piana Featuring Hiroshi Fujiwara Capsule Collection is available exclusively in Loro Piana boutique at Shoppes at Four Seasons from now until November 14th.


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