Born From the Darkness a Loving, and Beautiful World

Sisyu + teamLab, 2018, Interactive Digital Installation, Endless, Calligraphy: Sisyu, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi



When a person stands close to a character, the world that that character embodies will appear, and a new world will be created. The objects that are released from the characters go on to influence one another in the new world.

Behind the projected world, there is a 360-degree computer-generated space. The objects that are born from the characters are placed at various positions within that space, and the physical influences and connections between the objects are calculated in real time, producing a complex and natural world. For example, when the wind blows, flowers and snow are physically influenced by the wind. Birds alight in trees, and butterflies are attracted to flowers. Just as in nature, no two moments are repeated. The passing moments of the world are never the same and new visual worlds are constantly being created.

Chinese characters were first carved in turtle shells and ox or deer bones, and were engraved in bronzeware. Each character contained its own world that was conjured up by its meaning. Through the characters, the world that people call up connects and interacts with others to create a new continuously changing world.