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Inverted Globe Graffiti Nature, Red List

teamLab, 2020-, Interactive Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi



Various creatures drawn by everyone live in the inverted globe. Color in a creature on the paper provided. See the picture you have drawn come to life and move in front of you.

Living things eat each other and are eaten by each other to create one shared ecosystem.
If the creature you drew eats other living things, its numbers will increase. On the other hand, if it does not eat enough, it will die. And if it is eaten by other creatures, it will disappear.

The salamander eats snakes, the snakes eat lizards, the lizards eat frogs, and the frogs eat butterflies, each one propagating as they consume. Likewise, the butterflies multiply in places where flowers bloom.
Flowers will bloom if you stand still, but will disperse if you walk around. And the salamanders will die if you step on them too much.

This world expands as the living things increase and decrease in number. The creature you draw may multiply somewhere in this space. See if you can find it.

This work is based on the Red List and depicts local endangered wildlife.