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Multi Jumping Universe

teamLab, 2018-, Interactive Digital Installation, Sound: DAISHI DANCE



Multi Jumping was developed by teamLab. It features a unique, flexible surface that allows multiple persons to participate at the same time. You sink, or jump higher than usual, or leapfrog over people nearby as they jump higher and higher.

This installation is created around the theme of the life cycle of the stars of the universe. People create warps in space and time by jumping and causing the floor to sink. This distortion attracts stardust and gas from the universe, birthing new stars, and making them grow. When the life of the star ends, it will return to the stardust and nebulas that float through the universe, becoming the building blocks of new stars. The size and mass of the star is determined by how much stardust and gases are gathered. A gigantic and heavy star will eventually become a black hole that swallows up everything around it.