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Sands Resorts Macao and Sands Macao Present Hairy Crab Seasonal Menus

Regional autumn delicacy available for limited time across

six award-winning signature restaurants


(Macao, Nov. 14, 2019)
Sands Resorts Macao and Sands® Macao have launched seasonal menus featuring one of the most popular delicacies in Chinese cuisine, hairy crab. Canton, La Chine, Lotus Palace, Dynasty 8, Rice Empire and Golden Court have created special menus that feature the special autumn treat while stocks last.

The Venetian
® Macao


Canton is offering delicious steamed whole crab with dried perilla leaves, minced chicken soup with bird’s nest and crab roe, deep-fried golden prawns with prawn balls in crab roe sauce.

Price: From MOP 68*

Reservations can be made by calling +853 8118 9930


The Parisian Macao

La Chine

La Chine has a superb selection of hairy crab dishes this autumn. This includes traditional steamed whole crab and hot and sour soup with fish maw and crab roe dumplings. They are offered with classic Chinese rice wine including eight-year Gu Yue Long Shan Shaoxing Hua Diao and five-year Gu Yue Long Shan Shaoxing Hua Diao.

Price: From MOP 98*

Reservations can be made by calling +853 8111 9210


Lotus Palace

Lotus Palace is featuring a variety of hairy crab dishes, including sautéed crystal prawns and tossed handmade spinach noodles with hairy crab meat. The restaurant is also offering whole crab cooked in various ways including traditionally steamed with ginger and vinegar, stir-fried with edamame and rice cakes and steamed Sichuan style with baby clams and preserved chilli sauce.

Price: From MOP 138*

Reservations can be made by calling +853 8111 9260


® Cotai Central

Dynasty 8

Dynasty 8 is presenting a range of fragrant crab dishes, including steamed whole crab with 15-year Hua Diao wine, braised Japanese sea cucumber stuffed with crab roe, braised fish maw stuffed in shrimp paste with XO sauce and crab roe.

Price: From MOP 328*

Reservations can be made by calling +853 8113 8920


Rice Empire

Rice Empire is serving outstanding hairy crab dishes this autumn, including steamed whole Lake Tai hairy crab, braised assorted seafood and bean curd with hairy crab roe served in clay pot and a selection of traditional Chinese rice wines as an accompaniment.

Price: From MOP 168*

Reservations can be made by calling + 853 8113 8930

Sands Macao

Golden Court

A traditional and authentic Cantonese restaurant with a focus on superb seafood, Golden Court is preparing steamed whole hairy crab with perilla leaf accompanied with ginger tea to satisfy guest cravings this autumn.

Price: MOP 268*

Reservations can be made by calling +853 8983 8222

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Photo caption: Sands Resorts Macao and Sands Macao are offering a range of authentic and delicious hairy crab dishes at six restaurants this autumn.


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*All prices subject to 10% service charge

*All prices subject to 10% service charge