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HEYTEA launches its first Macao store at The Venetian Macao
with second to come at The Parisian Macao

(Macao, December 16, 2020) – HEYTEA, the originator of Cheezo Tea, will open its first Macao store at The Venetian® Macao this Saturday, Dec 19, with a second coming soon to The Parisian Macao. HEYTEA is bringing a new space for Macao tea lovers with immersive store experiences for exciting new tea drinking moments.


HEYTEA originated in 2012 with the idea of mixing cheese with tea, and opened its first small tea shop in Jiangmen City in Guangdong Province. Since then the brand has continually developed and gone on to successfully launch more than 650 outlets across Asia.

Station 1. The Venetian Macao
Grounded on the essence of tea, HEYTEA combines traditional tea culture with a contemporary twist, creating exciting new tea drinking experiences. With constant development and enrichment, HEYTEA imbues traditional tea culture with sparkle and elan.

Tea drinking is as much a way of socializing for the younger generations as it is a tradition for the older ones. At The Venetian Macao's new outlet, HEYTEA is creating an interactive space where customers can relax and enjoy perfect brews. Tea drinking is not confined to a certain time or place, it is instead enjoyed at a multi-dimensional, multi-functional tea house where tea lovers bond over sips of goodness. HEYTEA's foray into such a social space unveils a new lifestyle in the modern metropolis.


The Venetian Macao store

Station 2. The Parisian Macao

Playing chess and drinking tea have long been regarded as complementary activities. By incorporating chess-themed decorations into its interior space, The Parisian Macao store intends to inject more refined and vibrant colors, and highlight the serenity and simplicity of tea drinking contrasted to the hustle and bustle of urban life.


HEYTEA has been dedicated to originality and creativity since its debut in 2012, when it launched the original Cheezo Tea.

The brand believes that only by creating quality products that are cool and inspirational can it earn the customer's trust, and eventually build up a real and trusted identity.


The first store at Jiangbianli


This signature brew combines premium tea with a cheese flavored topping, without using milk powder or margarine, and only fresh and natural ingredients. Classic teas based on this original formula include King Fone Cheezo, Aqua Green Cheezo and Golden Jade Cheezo. Every cup of tea is infused with inspiration, representing the ultimate essence of tea.


Signature drinks

Apart from its signature Cheezo Tea, HEYTEA has other renowned product ranges including Fruit Family, Bobo Family and HEYTEA Ice Cream.


Aqua Green Cheezo
Our original recipe combines a unique blend of premium tea leaves sourced from various tea gardens for a brisk flavor.


King Fone Cheezo
This instant classic made with our signature bold and smooth Oolong tea blend has been hugely popular.


Very Grape Cheezo
Juicy, hand-peeled grapes are blended with jasmine-scented tea before topping with velvety smooth Cheezo.


Mango Cheezo
Crafted with juicy mango and vibrant Aqua Green, the drink is then lightly sweetened with a little natural sugar.


Strawberry Cheezo
The vivid freshness of strawberries combined with mild tea fragrance makes this a fruity and refreshing sip.


Very Mango Grapefruit
A new twist on classic Mango Cheezo — crafted with mango chunks, grapefruit pulp and fresh milk, with Bobo Pops added for extra fun.


Roasted Brown Bobo Milk
Topped with caramelized creme brulee, this is a luscious combo of milk with comfortingly warm, sweet Brown Bobo.


Grapefruit Boom
A sip of grapefruit delight - fresh pulpy blend infused with jasmine tea – will surely refresh your taste buds.


Cheezo Crispy Cone
We swirl signature Cheezo into milky ice cream for this delicious new treat.


King Fone Crispy Cone
Roasted tea flavors are accented by luscious milk fragrance.


Bobo Sundae
Toasty tea is swirled into hyper-rich milk ice cream, then topped with a handful of sweet, chewy Brown Bobo.



To celebrate our first Macao store at The Venetian Macao, HEYTEA is offering a special opening “buy-1-get-1-free” promotion (drinks only) from Dec 19-21 (limited to one redemption per receipt). In addition, from Dec 19-24, an inspirational gift will be given to customers who follow HEYTEA Instagram@heyteahkmo and tag post with #HEYTEAMO (please check with in-store staff for details).



HEYTEA, originated from a lane called 'Jiangbianli' in China in 2012. We pride ourselves as the originator of Cheezo tea and the pioneer of injecting new life into traditional tea culture. Since 2012, we've committed ourselves to serve tea drinks made with originality and ingenuity, hoping to spark inspirations to customers through each sip of tea.

The Venetian Macao Store: Shop 809, Level 3, Shoppes at Venetian
The Parisian Macao Store: Shop 506, Level 5, Shoppes at Parisian

Facebook: @heyteahkmo / Instagram: @heyteahkmo