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Taxi Drivers Enjoy Complimentary Boxed Lunches for Sands Macao 17th Anniversary


IAnnual tradition since 2004 property opening

(Macao, May 18, 2021) – 
In celebration of its 17th anniversary, Sands® Macao presented complimentary boxed lunches to Macao taxi drivers at the hotel and entertainment complex Tuesday.

Sands Macao team members were on hand to greet taxi drivers arriving at the hotel and entertainment complex Tuesday, and handed out meal packs featuring doubled boiled chicken soup with Chinese herbs and sea coconut, sautéed prawn and fish maw with jade squash and spicy sauce, soy chicken with ginger dip, an anniversary birthday bun, and an apple.

“Sands Macao is grateful to our city’s fleet of taxi drivers for the essential service they provide to Macao’s visitors and locals,” said Danny Tang, vice president and general manager of Sands Macao. “As we celebrate Sands Macao’s 17th anniversary, we’re pleased that this year we were able to offer 1,000 complimentary Portuguese egg tarts to guests. With Macao being a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, we hope visitors to the city can share in the experience of tasting this unique and iconic local delicacy.”


   egg tart giveaway
Photo Caption: Vice President and General Manager of Sands Macao Danny Tang offers a complimentary boxed lunch to a taxi driver Tuesday at Sands Macao, in celebration of the 17th anniversary of the hotel and entertainment complex.

   egg tart giveaway
Photo Caption: Sands Macao specially offers 1,000 complimentary Portuguese egg tarts to guests Tuesday, in celebration of its 17th anniversary.