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Indulge in Premium, Authentic Cuisine at The Huaiyang Garden
by Celebrity Master Chef Zhou Xiaoyan

'Godfather of Huaiyang Cuisine' highlights culinary heritage at
The Londoner Macao signature restaurant

(Macao, Jan. 10, 2022) – Savour the sublime flavours of timeless Huaiyang cuisine at The Huaiyang Garden, one of The Londoner® Macao's signature restaurants curated by celebrity master chef Zhou Xiaoyan. Located in a tranquil space modelled on classic Chinese gardens, guests can enjoy premium, authentic Huaiyang delicacies offering a perfect combination of taste and presentation.

Recognised as one of the four great Chinese culinary traditions, Huaiyang cuisine originated in the lower reaches of the Yangtze and Huai Rivers about 3,000 years ago. Featuring fresh, light yet powerful flavours, consummate knife skills and precise cooking methods, it epitomises Chinese gastronomic brilliance. Chef Zhou, with over four decades' experience, is an ambassador for Huaiyang culinary heritage and the most recognisable name associated with this time-honoured cooking style. Renowned as "The Godfather of Huaiyang Cuisine", he is credited with introducing innovations based around contemporary techniques and presentation to further refine this classic cuisine. His peerless execution has seen him earn numerous accolades throughout his career, including the title 'Chinese Culinary Master' and a gold medal at the 4th World Championship of Chinese Cuisine in 2002, widely considered the Olympics of Chinese cuisine. He has also appeared as a Chinese cookery expert on popular documentary series A Bite of China and Once Upon a Bite.

As Chef Zhou's first restaurant in Macao, The Huaiyang Garden combines traditional heritage with contemporary aesthetics, elevating dishes to a true art form.

Chef Zhou said, "I am delighted to present authentic Huaiyang dishes here at The Londoner Macao. As a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, Macao boasts a wide array of culinary options from around the world, and both locals and visitors are well versed in fine dining. The Huaiyang Garden is bringing a unique approach to Huaiyang food tradition and I hope those seeking a new and exciting experience will enjoy the healthy and flavoursome delicacies on offer."

When explaining his interpretation of Huaiyang cuisine, he added, "Each ingredient is handled delicately, with precise cutting and preparation employed to ensure perfect texture and exquisite presentation. Flavour is added where necessary to elevate dishes to new levels."

The Huaiyang Garden's tasting menu, priced at MOP 1,688* or 2,188* per person includes 10 or 12 courses that best reflect Chef Zhou's philosophy. In keeping with the spirit of Huaiyang cuisine, Chef Zhou follows the rhythm of nature in seeking the best seasonal flavours. Each individual ingredient is maximised and perfected, before being combined to compose a symphony of harmony and delight. 'Shredded bean curd with crab meat and egg white in superior soup', a classic Huaiyang dish, is enhanced with the addition of black moss and red crab claw, layered egg white and the famous Yangzhou snack, chasan, to create extraordinarily complex flavours. For 'steamed Hilsa herring with 20-year-old Huadiao wine', all 164 bones are skilfully removed while maintaining the shape of the fish, demonstrating meticulous preparation and virtuosic craftsmanship. Other signature dishes include 'braised Hokkaido sea cucumber with shrimp roe', 'stewed meatball with crab meat and crab roe', and 'braised Japanese pork belly with black truffle in soya sauce'.

The dining experience is enriched by the restaurant's diverse beverage offerings. One of the five signature cocktails, 'Slender West Lake', is an ingenious mix of osmanthus-infused gin, Bénédictine, lemon and elderflower juices and floral mist, bursting with flavours and aromas and transporting diners to the legendary lakeside in Yangzhou with each sip. For a fusion twist, guests can have a glass of 'Yangzhou Beauty', made with Chinese baijiu, Amarguinha, lemongrass and ginger shrub, pu'er tea and angostura bitters. This cocktail creates a distinctive East-meets-West experience, just like the city of Macao.

The next-level interior design of The Huaiyang Garden is inspired by ancient Chinese gardens with winding paths offering perfectly composed glimpses of scenery, guiding guests on a journey of surprise. The cool tones of the main colour palette create a tranquil and gentle atmosphere, while the golden walls feature gilded and hand-embroidered motifs of sweet osmanthus, a symbol of nobility and elegance in Chinese culture. For discerning guests and gourmands seeking greater solitude, the restaurant has three private dining rooms, providing spaces perfect for special events and occasions.

*All prices are subject to 10% service charge

The Huaiyang Garden
Opening Hours Sunday to Thursday, 5:30 p.m. – 11 p.m.
Friday, Saturday and public holidays, 5:30 p.m. – 12 a.m.
(Closed on every Tuesday)
Location Level 2, The Londoner Macao
Reservations Phone: +853 8118 8822

Photo Caption: Celebrity master chef Zhou Xiaoyan, who helms The Huaiyang Garden at The Londoner Macao, is renowned as 'The Godfather of Huaiyang Cuisine'.


Braised Hokkaido sea cucumber with shrimp roe

Stewed meatball with crab meat and crab roe

Shredded bean curd with crab meat and egg white in superior soup

Steamed Hilsa herring with 20-year-old Huadiao wine

The Huaiyang Garden main dining area

The Huaiyang Garden private dining room

Photo Caption: Helmed by celebrity master chef Zhou Xiaoyan, The Londoner Macao signature restaurant The Huaiyang Garden offers premium Huaiyang delicacies.