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Pin Yue Xuan at The Venetian Macao Innovatively Reinterprets Traditional Cantonese Cuisine

Tranquil restaurant offers a creative take on classic southern gastronomy

(Macao, Apr. 11, 2022) – The Venetian® Macao's premium Cantonese restaurant Pin Yue Xuan offers an immersive dining experience that reinterprets and refines the timeless southern Chinese culinary tradition. Stepping into the Siheyuan, a classic courtyard house, guests can enjoy innovative delicacies and handmade dim sum in an elegant and tranquil setting.

Rising Star Chef
Executive Chef Darren Cheung is originally from Hong Kong and began his culinary career in 2005. With years of experience at the renowned Lei Garden Restaurant in Hong Kong, up-and-coming Chef Darren has gained a solid foundation in traditional Cantonese culinary concepts and techniques. Prior to joining Pin Yue Xuan, he served as executive chef at several Michelin-starred restaurants in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao, winning prestigious accolades and recognition. He has absorbed the essence of northern and southern Chinese culinary cultures, and also holds Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Certificate from the famed French culinary school, giving him an international perspective.

Chef Darren said, "At Pin Yue Xuan we uphold the time-honoured traditions of Cantonese cuisine while adding an innovative touch. Through incorporating the best of Chinese and international culinary cultures we create a fine dining extravaganza for our guests. Cantonese cuisine originated in the Lingnan area – the vast lands in the south of the 'Five Ranges', and has been flourishing for more than 2,000 years. It is one of the four major cuisines in China, featuring a wide range of superior ingredients and cooking techniques to bring out the best flavours."

Authentic Taste of Lingnan
Chef Darren has curated a magnificent menu at Pin Yue Xuan, allowing guests to fully experience the charm of Lingnan gourmet fare. 'Cantonese crispy baby pigeon', using famous Shiqi pigeon, is first marinated with a secret blend of 18 spices and then deep fried, making it crispy and golden on the outside while juicy on the inside. 'Braised streaky pork with preserved cabbage' is inspired by the traditional Chinese dish 'pork with salted vegetables'. Incorporating Iberico pork belly and fish maw, it is formed in the shape of a treasure chest to provide unique visual appeal and offers a deliciously glutinous mouthfeel. Other signatures include 'crispy sea cucumber filled with Iberico pork with salted fish', which includes fish-flavoured aubergine, steamed pork patty and Hokkaido sea cucumber; 'marinated chilled fresh abalone with caviar', imparting the freshness and flavours of the ocean; and the fresh and tender 'spotted grouper poached in chiu zhao style'.

Handmade Cantonese dim sum offers another highlight, with creatively crafted traditional dishes. Specialities include 'golden fish dumpling with grouper and crab roe', 'steamed seafood dumpling with bird's nest and mantis shrimp', 'deep-fried diced Japanese Wagyu beef puff' and 'baked barbecue pork buns with crumble crust'. The restaurant also offers an 8 to 10-course tasting menu featuring a selection of premium ingredients such as baby pigeon, caviar, morels, sea cucumber and bird's nest, all cooked with meticulous care to bring out the true essence of Cantonese cuisine, from MOP 1,888* per person.

Complementing and enhancing the restaurant's delectable dishes is its superb wine list. In addition to dozens of Chinese and international wine labels, there are signature cocktails that spark an immediate association with the rich produce of Lingnan. 'Ten Tigers of Guangdong' is a blend of Jim Beam bourbon, lime, bitters, blueberries, blackberries and lemon zest, offering a strong, full-bodied flavour, while 'Moon Jade Palace' artfully blends Kwai Feh lychee liqueur with Pol Roger Champagne, bitters and mint leaves ice ball, for a fresh, fruity note.

Exquisite Space
The elegant interiors of Pin Yue Xuan are inspired by traditional Siheyuan Chinese courtyard houses. As guests enter through a welcoming passageway adorned with sophisticated Chinese temple-like motifs, they can choose from a selection of custom-made tea pots on display to brew the finest Chinese teas, such as eight-year raw-aged pu'er, 'Shuangji' Mountain Dan Cong and Yinghong No. 9.

The impressive main dining room stands six metres in height, with columns and beams reminiscent of classic Chinese pavilions. Semi-transparent silk fabric screens featuring beautiful Chinese landscapes painted by renowned artist Li Chang Tien provide an artistic flair and an element of privacy to each dining nook. Light spills from a large skylight and gradually changes throughout the day to create different ambient moods. Guests can enjoy spectacular views of The Venetian Macao's outdoor lagoon, while savouring innovative Cantonese delicacies in the tranquil courtyard.

Three private dining rooms are decorated with contemporary paintings of flowers by Ryo Shinagawa and leaves by Jackie Battenfield, bringing a relaxed 'dining in the garden' experience. The jewel in the crown is a hidden creative space inspired by the chef's table concept, offering an intimate and immersive dining adventure. The central bar also transforms into a culinary stage, where chefs showcase their exceptional skills and creativity for the delight of diners.

*All prices are subject to 10% service charge

Pin Yue Xuan
Opening Hours 11 p.m. to 3 p.m., 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. (Closed on every Wednesday)
Location Shop 1016, Level 1, The Venetian Macao
Reservations Phone: +853 8118 8822

Darren Cheung, Executive Chef of Pin Yue Xuan

Six-metre-high main dining area

Private dining rooms with an artistic touch

Spotted grouper poached Chiu Zhao style

Golden fish dumplings with grouper and crab roe

Steamed seafood dumplings with bird's nest and mantis shrimp

Braised streaky pork with preserved cabbage

Photo Caption: The Venetian Macao's Pin Yue Xuan restaurant reinterprets and refines the celebrated Cantonese culinary tradition in an elegant and tranquil setting.