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MUJI to Open the First Macao Store at The Venetian Macao

A daily goods department store that supports all aspects of everyday life

(Macao, Aug. 26, 2022) – Since the establishment in 1980, MUJI has been reflecting on the relationship between human beings, objects, and nature, with an aspiration to create practical, quality products at reasonable prices. MUJI products, born from a rational manufacturing process, are like empty vessels that articulate simplicity and emptiness, yielding universality that embraces the feelings and thoughts of all people. The comfort and convenience brought by MUJI products have gained resonance and recognition from many customers. As of May 2022, MUJI operated over 1,050 stores globally, including 490 stores in Japan and 565 stores outside Japan. MUJI started setting foothold in Hong Kong and Mainland China in 2001 and 2005 respectively. To share the ideology of "a simple, pleasant life" with more customers, MUJI will open its first store in Macao, supporting people living in the area by providing apparel, household goods, food, and on-the-go essentials that meet the needs of every aspect in day-to-day living.

Operated by MUJI Hong Kong, the first store in Macao will open at The Venetian® Macao in December 2022 tentatively. With a total floor area of 21,000 square feet, the new store will be the largest retail store in Hong Kong and Macao region. Based on MUJI's ideology of "a simple, pleasant life", besides offering the most comprehensive merchandise assortment from the users' perspective, the new store will also feature a home living thematic display area so both Macao residents and inbound travellers can find inspirations for living well under a spacious, comfortable store environment. The Venetian Macao is chosen for the opening of the first store since it is a large-scale shopping complex well known to locals and visitors, and this allows MUJI to reach out to customers of all ages who have different personalities and lifestyles and share the ideology of "a simple, pleasant life" with them.

"Nature and Modern Living" as store design concept
With "Nature and Modern Living" as the store design concept, the new store aims to convey MUJI's philosophy of "simplicity and "without unnecessary features or decorations" in a visualized, sensible way through an interior design emphasizing on the use of different materials and merchandise display. The new store has two floors—on the lower floor, natural materials such as wood, stone, and metal are used to reveal their original and processed forms, allowing customers to re-discover nature, the origin of every objects, and explore its possibilities; on the upper floor, artificial industrial materials such as metal plates and steel pipes are combined with natural materials to create new textures, together with the open ceiling design, aiming to bring a store ambience that presents MUJI's view of nature in a way that customers have not experienced before. In addition, there will be a rest area for customers to take a break, play with their children or even interact with each other.

A "Daily Goods Department Store" that supports all aspects of everyday life
Clothing, food, housing, and travelling are the basics of life. MUJI continuously creates and improves products through three core principles—material selection, process streamlining, and packaging simplification, bringing customers over 7,000 simple-designed, functional daily goods at reasonable prices for a convenient, comfortable life. The new store will feature the most comprehensive merchandise assortment ranging from men's/ladies'/children's wear, household goods, food, to MUJI to GO on-the-go essentials, taking care of every aspect of daily life to meet the needs of locals and visitors.

Features a home living thematic display area to bring inspirations for modern homes
How to make the best use of limited space for a comfortable home living has always been a common concern of today's customers. The new store will feature a 700-square-feet home living thematic display area, where simple-designed, versatile, and compatible MUJI furniture and storage items are arranged together to present the scenes of living room, dining room, and bedroom, demonstrating the comfort and peace of mind brought by a simple, pleasant life for inspirations about modern home furnishings.

In the future, the foundation of MUJI's ideology will remain the same, which is to contribute ourselves to the basis and universality of daily life.

Basic Store Information
Store Name MUJI The Venetian Macao
Tentative Opening Date December 2022
Address Shop 205, Grand Canal Street,
Shoppes at Venetian at The Venetian® Macao-Resort-Hotel
Total Floor Size 21,000 square feet
Merchandise Mix Apparel 45% / Household Goods 40% / Food 15%
Customer Enquiry Tel: +852 2694 9309 / Email:

About MUJI Hong Kong
Established in March 2001, MUJI (Hong Kong) Limited ("MUJI Hong Kong") is 100% owned by Ryohin Keikaku Company Limited. As of May 2022, there are 19 MUJI stores in Hong Kong, including two MUJI to GO stores and five Café&Meal MUJI, catering to the daily needs of customers living in Hong Kong. In recent years, a wide range of products and services, including Food Market, MUJI BOOKS, Café&Meal MUJI and interior advisory service, have been introduced to local customers, making everyday life more convenient and comfortable.
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