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Sands Resorts Macao and Sands Macao Present Auspicious Chinese New Year Feasts

Savour delectable gourmet cuisine to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit

(Macao, Jan. 16, 2023) – With Chinese New Year approaching, auspicious food plays a symbolic role in bringing about good luck, prosperity and fortune. From Jan. 20 to 29, The Venetian® Macao, The Parisian Macao, The Londoner® Macao and Sands® Macao restaurants will present a wide range of auspicious menus and dazzling array of Chinese cuisines from Jiangnan to Guangdong and northern China.

During the festive season, signature restaurants including Pin Yue Xuan, Jiang Nan by Jereme Leung, North, Imperial House, Hiro by Hiroshi Kagata, La Chine, Lotus Palace, Emerald House, The Huaiyang Garden, Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, North Palace, Golden Court and Moonlight Noodle House will offer a diverse selection of sumptuous Chinese New Year menus for family and friends to feast on. Churchill's Table Boutique is offering limited-edition Chinese New Year pudding giftbox sets, cakes and exquisite hampers, perfect to share with friends and family. Guests can usher in a prosperous Year of the Rabbit while savouring flavoursome dishes at Sands Resorts Macao and Sands Macao.

The Venetian Macao
Pin Yue Xuan: Premium Cantonese restaurant Pin Yue Xuan offers an immersive dining experience that reinterprets and refines the timeless southern Chinese culinary tradition. Pin Yue Xuan will offer Superior Poon Choi for takeaway, symbolically bestowing good fortune on reunions with family and friends. Featuring premium ingredients such as abalone in oyster sauce, fish maw in chicken broth, sea cucumber with shrimp roe and goose web, the Poon Choi is priced at MOP2,288* (for four persons). Please order 24 hours in advance.
Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822 or email

Jiang Nan by Jereme Leung: The outstanding restaurant, helmed by celebrity master chef Jereme Leung, will offer classic à la carte dishes such as poached cherry barb fish with hairy crab roe and crab meat with sweet and sour sauce; braised South African abalone with preserved vegetables; and steamed sponge cake with red date and raisins. Prices start from MOP68*.
Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822 or email

North: Offering an authentic northern Chinese culinary experience, North's superb chefs will prepare a variety of Chinese New Year hot and cold dishes, dumplings and desserts. North appetiser combo features six treats including marinated roasted pepper, soft boiled quail egg and sea whelk in spicy sauce; tossed jellyfish with crispy shredded potato and spicy soya sauce; and slow boiled duck meat with spices and Sichuan pepper sauce. Hot dishes include deep-fried mandarin fish with sweet and sour sauce; braised pork knuckle with cumin seed; and festive split pea with bamboo blossom jelly dessert. Dishes are priced from MOP78*.
Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822 or email

Imperial House: Operating 24/7, Imperial House offers a wide array of Chinese New Year specialities, including dim sum platter; double-boiled sea whelk and pork ribs soup with morel mushrooms, fish maw and pork tendon; abundance and prosperity mini Poon Choi; and braised sea cucumber and scallops with barley in golden broth. Dishes are priced from MOP38*. Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822.

Hiro by Hiroshi Kagata: Executive Chef Hiroshi Kagata will present omakase, a traditional style of upscale Japanese cookery, with the finest ingredients and techniques providing an inventive and exciting gastronomic journey. Chef Kagata imbues everything he does with a deep understanding of Japanese gastronomic culture. Incorporating a range of signature tempura, teppanyaki, sushi and sashimi made with freshest ingredients of the day, including tuna, botan prawn, sea urchin, Japanese wagyu and king crab leg, Chinese New Year omakase is priced at MOP1,888* per person.
Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822 or email

The Parisian Macao
La Chine: The premium Cantonese restaurant at Level 6 of The Parisian Macao's Eiffel Tower will launch a stunning set menu to mark Chinese New Year. Delectable La Chine appetisers are followed by courses including smoked baby pigeon flavoured with lemongrass; double-boiled chicken soup with fish maw, conpoy, seaweed pearl and morel mushrooms; and fried rice with wild mushrooms, black truffle and sakura shrimps. Main course options include braised whole abalone and goose web in superior oyster sauce; braised Wagyu beef cheek with baby pumpkin; and braised sea cucumber with Chinese leek and dried shrimp roe. Festive themed dessert is a nourishing double-boiled bird's nest sweetened soup with peach gum and pan-fried coconut glutinous rice cake. The set menu is priced at MOP1,388* per person.
Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822 or email

Lotus Palace: The renowned Chinese restaurant will offer exquisite Chinese New Year set menus for four or ten persons at MOP2,988* or 13,888*, featuring premium ingredients such as abalone, sea cucumber, star grouper, Canadian lobster, red bird's nest and more. The à la carte menu includes steamed star grouper with dried tangerine peel and Chinese preserved ham; wok-fried Wagyu beef with black garlic and Japanese Matsumoto mushrooms; stir-fried Canadian lobster with rice cake and spring onion; and wok-fried scallops with fresh chanterelle yellow mushrooms and asparagus. Dishes are priced from MOP138*.

Chinese New Year Poon Choi (for four persons) is also available for dine-in or takeaway. Including braised Australian six-head abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, goose webs, dried scallops and tiger prawns, it is available at MOP1,988*.
Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822 or email

Emerald House: Featuring the freshest seafood and spiciest dishes, Emerald House will offer festive set menus and celebratory dishes including smoked pork knuckle; deep-fried mandarin fish with spicy sauce; and stir-fried sea cucumber with prawns, sliced fish, sea whelk and squid and asparagus. Dishes are priced from MOP98*.
Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822 or email

The Londoner Macao
The Huaiyang Garden: Celebrate Chinese New Year at this premium Chinese restaurant curated by Chef Zhou Xiaoyan, renowned as the ‘Godfather of Huaiyang Cuisine'. The restaurant will offer special dishes that exemplify the freshness and elegance of Huaiyang cuisine. Priced from MOP188*, they include stir-fried bean sprouts and tofu puffs in soy sauce; and steamed east-star grouper with 20-year-old huadiao wine. In addition, the restaurant is also presenting a traditional dish perfect for the family, Yang Zhou Poon Choi for four to ten persons, priced from MOP1,388*, featuring a variety of top-quality ingredients such as braised abalone, shrimp balls and mandarin fish.
Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822 or email

North Palace: Showcasing the very best of Shandong, Beijing and Inner Mongolia cuisines, North Palace will be offering northern Chinese delicacies, priced from MOP138*, to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit. Highlights include live lobster, sea conch and vegetables in sesame paste dressing; braised oysters, shrimp, pork liver and kidney with pickled cabbage in chicken soup; and double-boiled chicken soup with fish maw and ginseng.
Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822 or email

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao: Bringing a contemporary twist to classic Beijing, Sichuan and Shanghai cuisines, Crystal Jade will present special dishes for the Chinese New Year. Diners can enjoy chilled, marinated pork knuckle Shanghai style; braised yellow croaker fish with orange juice in aged vinegar; and braised prawns with Shanghai rice cake in crab meat and chili sauce. Prices start from MOP68*.
Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822 or email

Churchill's Table Boutique: Treat family and friends with exquisite gifts from Churchill's Table Boutique this lunar new year, available now until Jan. 31. Traditional Chinese New Year pudding and a decadent selection of seasonal cakes, artisan homemade chocolate and hampers, to bring your loved ones unforgettable holiday joy.
Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822, email or visit

Sands Macao
Golden Court: The authentic Cantonese restaurant will prepare set menus for eight to 12 persons, priced from MOP3,688*. Guests can indulge in Cantonese classics such as barbecued meat platter; braised dried oyster and conpoy with sea moss; steamed spotted grouper with spring onion and soy sauce; and crispy-fried crab claw stuffed mango with shrimp puree.

Guests can also choose from a range of delicious à la carte dishes, such as Lo Hei tossed salmon, chicken, sea cucumber, jellyfish, and crab roe with sesame dressing; crispy-fried dried oysters with celery and black moss; steamed whole spotted garoupa with Yunnan ham and supreme soy sauce; roasted marinated whole chicken, priced from MOP138*. Delicious dim sum will also be available during the same period, including steamed pork meat with quail egg; crispy fried cuttlefish balls; and braised pork tongue with sea moss. Prices start from MOP45*.
Reservations: Call +853 8118 8822 or email

Moonlight Noodle House: Presenting an innovative Asian dining concept, the restaurant will offer celebratory dishes including sautéed coral mussels and broccoli with bell pepper; braised black mushrooms, dried oysters and pork tongue with sea moss; and crispy fried cashews and tofu with spice salt. Prices start from MOP88*.
Reservations: Call +853 8983 8125.

For more information on Chinese New Year dining offers at The Venetian Macao, The Parisian Macao, The Londoner Macao and Sands Macao, please visit:

* All prices are subject to 10% service charge

Pin Yue Xuan, The Venetian Macao
Superior Poon Choi

Lotus Palace, The Parisian Macao
Stir-fried Canadian Lobster with Rice Cake and Spring Onion

North, The Venetian Macao
North Appetiser Combination

North, The Venetian Macao
Sweetened Split Pea with Bamboo Blossom Jelly

Photo Caption: The Venetian Macao, The Parisian Macao, The Londoner Macao and Sands Macao will present a wide range of auspicious menus and a dazzling array of Chinese cuisines to start the Year of the Rabbit with happiness, fortune and blessings.