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Four Sands Resorts Macao Restaurants Recognised
in South China Morning Post '100 Top Tables' Guide

Pin Yue Xuan, The Huaiyang Garden, The Manor and Zi Yat Heen
highlighted in prestigious dining reference

(Macao, Mar. 31, 2023) – Four Sands Resorts Macao restaurants have been recognised for their culinary excellence with listings in South China Morning Post's prestigious 100 Top Tables 2023 – A Fine Dining Guide. Featuring 100 of the best restaurants in Hong Kong and 25 in Macao each year, 100 Top Tables is considered the definitive authority on fine dining in the cities.

The Venetian® Macao's premium Cantonese restaurant Pin Yue Xuan, The Londoner® Macao's authentic Huaiyang cuisine restaurant The Huaiyang Garden, The St. Regis Macao's signature restaurant The Manor, and Four Seasons Hotel Macao's award-winning Zi Yat Heen are among the Macao restaurants featured in 100 Top Tables. Pin Yue Xuan's inclusion in 100 Top Tables soon after its opening is especially notable. The restaurant has won the hearts of diners and critics alike for its flavoursome delicacies, exceptional service and elegant ambience.

The trusted reference for senior executives to choose the finest restaurants for both leisure and business, 100 Top Tables scrutinises every element of the dining experience in highlighting the very best of Hong Kong and Macao's superior dining establishments. Shortlisted restaurants must meet criteria including outstanding food, impeccable service and suitable ambience for executive dining, ranging from fine to chic-casual.

Pin Yue Xuan, The Venetian Macao
Pin Yue Xuan offers an immersive dining experience that reinterprets and refines the timeless southern Chinese culinary tradition. Stepping into the Siheyuan, a classic courtyard house, guests can enjoy innovative delicacies and handmade dim sum in an elegant and tranquil setting. Executive Chef Darren Cheung upholds the time-honoured traditions of Cantonese cuisine while absorbing the essence of northern and southern Chinese culinary cultures, creating a fine dining extravaganza for guests. Signature dishes include crispy Shiqi baby pigeon; braised streaky pork with fish maw and preserved vegetables; and crispy sea cucumber filled with Iberico pork and salted fish.

The Huaiyang Garden, The Londoner Macao
Curated by 'The Godfather of Huaiyang Cuisine' Zhou Xiaoyan, The Huaiyang Garden showcases the sublime flavours of timeless Huaiyang cuisine, one of the four great Chinese culinary traditions. Chef Zhou is credited with introducing innovations based around contemporary techniques and presentation to further refine this classic cuisine. Located in a tranquil space modelled on classic Chinese gardens, guests can enjoy premium, authentic Huaiyang delicacies offering a perfect combination of taste and presentation. Signature dishes include steamed Hilsa herring with 20-year-old Huadiao wine; shredded bean curd with crab meat and egg white in superior soup; and stewed meatball with crab meat and crab roe.

The Manor, The St. Regis Macao
Contemporary European cuisine presented by renowned Executive Sous Chef Michele Dell'Aquila, The Manor offers an exquisite culinary experience with an emphasis on the finest, sustainably sourced ingredients from all over the world. Stylishly appointed and imbued with impeccable service, The Manor is the perfect venue for every occasion to gather, celebrate and create memories. Signature favourites include oysters from France and Ireland, as well as varieties of prime aged steak, including Blackmore full blood Wagyu imported from Australia and Miyazaki Wagyu from Japan.

Zi Yat Heen, Four Seasons Hotel Macao
Helmed by Executive Chinese Chef, Charles Cheung, Zi Yat Heen has been the jewel in the crown of the hotel from its very first day. Using the finest ingredients and following meticulous traditional cooking techniques, Zi Yat Heen captures the essence of traditional Cantonese cuisine. While savouring exquisite dishes, guests are also pampered with exceptional service in an elegant and comfortable setting. Signatures include braised Indonesian whole lobster with bean curd and minced pork in chilli sauce; Nippon sea cucumber and a wide range of Cantonese dim sum and barbecue.



Photo Caption: (Left to right) The Huaiyang Garden's Senior Chef Jack Xiao, Pin Yue Xuan's Executive Chef Darren Cheung, The Manor's Executive Sous Chef Michele Dell'Aquila and Zi Yat Heen's Executive Chinese Chef Charles Cheung at the SCMP's 100 Top Tables 2023 Award Ceremony.

Pin Yue Xuan
The Venetian Macao

Braised streaky pork with fish maw and preserved vegetables at Pin Yue Xuan

The Huaiyang Garden,
The Londoner Macao

Shredded bean curd with crab meat and egg white in superior soup at
The Huaiyang Garden

The Manor, The St. Regis Macao

Memory of the Sea Acquerello Rice
at The Manor

Zi Yat Heen, Four Seasons Hotel Macao

Braised Indonesian whole lobster, bean curd, minced pork and chili sauce at Zi Yat Heen

Photo Caption: Pin Yue Xuan at The Venetian Macao, The Huaiyang Garden at The Londoner Macao, The Manor at The St. Regis Macao and Zi Yat Heen at Four Seasons Hotel Macao have been listed in South China Morning Post's 100 Top Tables 2023 – A Fine Dining Guide.