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The Londoner Macao's Refined Thai Restaurant The Mews Now Open

Chef Nuch takes diners on an elevated journey of authentic and contemporary flavours from across Thailand

(Macao, Sept. 22, 2023) – The Londoner® Macao has announced the opening of The Mews, a refined Thai restaurant led by the creative chef Nongnuch "Nuch" Sae-eiw (chef Nuch). Diners can expect to be taken on an unforgettable journey across Thailand defined by authentic flavours and a respect for tradition, combined with modern techniques, exquisite plating and a passion for originality.

Chef Nuch has an uncompromising commitment to authenticity so all of the stellar dishes are made using ingredients predominately sourced from artisan and organic farms in Thailand, thus ensuring a true taste of Thailand in every bite.

Originally from Bangkok, chef Nuch has worked for Michelin star and award-winning restaurants in Thailand and this is the first time that she has had the freedom to create her own menus.

"After months of preparation, I am so excited for diners to come and experience The Mews. The dishes are in keeping with my philosophy of being true to my Thai heritage, while embracing my style which is imaginative and current with high attention to detail," said chef Nuch.

Tom Connolly, Senior Vice President of Food and Beverage Operations, Sands China Ltd., said, "The Mews is the latest addition to the outstanding selection of restaurants at The Londoner Macao and we believe that a restaurant offering Thai cuisine is a perfect complement to the other cuisines on offer. Chef Nuch and her team are presenting a refined menu that stays true to the flavours of Thailand, yet is also contemporary and innovative."

Currently the restaurant serves two impressive tasting menus, the Seasonal Menu (MOP 888* per person) and the Signature Menu (MOP 1,288* per person).

Both epicurean encounters begin with Welcome Snacks, four boldly flavoured bursts of texture and colour, awakening the palate and preparing all the senses for the exciting adventure ahead.

The Signature Menu
The Signature Menu showcases chef Nuch's most ambitious and elevated creations. A perfect example is the striking Sunflower Chicken Tom Kha soup. Resting gently in this classic coconut soup is a succulent roll of chicken stuffed with glutinous rice and wild mushrooms and atop that pickled onion pearls, which add rich umami depth and complexity.

An elegant version of the quintessential red curry, a Thai cuisine favourite, is also on the menu. Grilled Snake River Farm Wagyu Beef with Red Curry Sauce and Chakram Leaves, has tender sliced Wagyu adorning a luscious red curry sauce. Further finishing enhancements include salty Chakram leaves and pops of fresh chilli.

Bringing the meal to a fragrant conclusion is Purple Sweet Potato Dumpling Filled with Salted Egg Yolk served with Candle Smoked Coconut Broth with taro pudding. A finely balanced dessert that harmoniously combines bold and subtle flavours. The dish is finished tableside by smoking the broth using a tian op, also known as Thailand's culinary candle, this unique u-shaped scenting agent has a long history in Thai cuisine and is associated mostly with royal cuisine desserts.

The Story of The Mews
The restaurant is named after London mews, a row or street of houses that were former stables with living quarters above, built behind large houses prior the era of the motorcar. Guests feel this richly detailed narrative immediately when stepping into The Mews, which complete with cast iron farrier and forging tools, horse shoes and arched brick ceiling is a recreation of the stabling and workshop area featuring 18th & 19th century masonry techniques.

The captivating design drama continues into the dining rooms, as just like the original use in which a hidden passageway connected the stable and the grand home in front, the main dining area has its own hidden entrance. Guests are invited to find the correct horse-topped riding crop to open the door that leads them into a Thai culinary paradise and the three highly decorative dining rooms. There is the stunning Elephants' room featuring an entire room dedicated to hand-carved wooden panels and lanterns complemented by luxurious soft furnishings, the festive Lantern room decorated with three dimensional tiles and a ceiling filled with soft-hued antique silk lanterns, and the intimate Giants' room, a mesmerising space adorned by hundreds of Thai door knockers offset with plush fabric padded panels.

The exceptional interiors were created by Ashley Sutton of Ashley Sutton Design, known for designing some of the most iconic food and beverage spaces across the world.

This extraordinary combination of genuine Thai cuisine with the attention-to-detail interiors will leave guests feeling transported, as they discover The Mews.

The Mews

Opening Hours Tuesday to Sunday, 6:00 p.m. – 11 p.m. (closed every Monday)
Location Level 1, The Londoner Macao
Reservations Phone: +853 8118 8822

* All prices are subject to 10% service charge.


Sunflower Chicken Tom Kha soup

The Mews' Giants' room

Grilled Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef with Red Curry Sauce and Chakram Leaves

Purple Sweet Potato Dumpling Filled with Salted Egg Yolk served with Candle Smoked Coconut Broth

The Mews' Lantern Room

The Mews' Giants' room

Chef Nongnuch ‘Nuch' Sae-eiw (chef Nuch)

Photo Caption: A refined Thai restaurant The Mews has now opened at The Londoner Macao. Diners can expect to be taken on an unforgettable journey across Thailand.