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Tatler Asia's first regional Tatler Ball at The Londoner Macao

The star-studded event celebrated the best of Asia through
"Shades of the Extraordinary"

(Macao, Nov. 25, 2023) – Tatler Asia, the leading luxury platform, is delighted to share the success of the first regional Tatler Ball, The Tatler Ball at The Londoner Macao, which took place on Friday, November 24, 2023, at 6.30pm at The Londoner Arena. The event brought together influential personalities and honoured the remarkable accomplishments of Asia's Most Influential individuals. The ball also featured the presence of international football legend David Beckham, a long-standing Sands global ambassador, adding to the grandeur of the occasion.

Tatler presented three awards in recognition of Asia's Most Influential and their outstanding achievements. David Beckham presented The Global Impact Award to Professor Dennis Lo, who has made ground-breaking contributions to the field of life sciences. Professor Lo's revolutionary work on the Fragma technique, which allows for the development of blood tests capable of detecting early-stage cancer, has the potential to save countless lives. Chaplin Asia, The Golden Cane Award, presented under the auspices of the Chaplin Award Asia and by Kiera Chaplin, granddaughter of cinema legend Charlie Chaplin, acknowledged outstanding achievements in box-office success, critical acclaim and fan adoration; the inaugural recipient of this award was none other than Thai superstar Bright Vachirawit, whose exceptional talent has captivated audiences worldwide. The Style Award was presented to Japanese fashion icon Kōki, whose embodiment of style and elegance both on and off camera has made her a true inspiration.

The Tatler Ball at The Londoner Macao also welcomed guests from across Asia, including Thanaerng (Thailand), Myolie Wu (Hong Kong), Jaylerr (Thailand), Poyd Treechada (Thailand), Van Ness Wu (Taiwan), Scha Alyahya (Malaysia), Awal Ashaari (Malaysia), Marion Caunter (Malaysia), Yoyo Cao (Singapore), Aurélie Moeremans (Indonesia), Jeongjin Park and Sera Song (South Korea), Tina Leung (Hong Kong), Small Laude (Philippines) and Sharon Kobler (China).

Michel Lamunière, CEO and Chairman of Tatler Asia, expressed his enthusiasm for the event's success, "By bringing together Asia's Most Influential individuals and honoured guests, we had the privilege of showcasing the remarkable talent and visionary leaders who are not only shaping our region, but also leaving an indelible mark on a global scale. The event served as a testament to the collective power and influence of the Tatler community, uniting exceptional individuals who are driving positive change and redefining the boundaries of success."

Dr. Wilfred Wong, President of Sands China Ltd. said, "As the co-host for the first regional Tatler Ball at The Londoner Macao, Sands is delighted to play a key role in this spectacularly successful evening. We warmly welcomed over 300 of Asia's most influential to The Londoner Arena, including our global ambassador, David Beckham. With our heartfelt hospitality, delightful gastronomy, and curated moments throughout the evening, I hope every guest truly enjoyed this glamorous and unforgettable experience, a Sands Lifestyle experience."

The Tatler Ball at The Londoner Macao was a testament to the purpose, spirit and drive of Asia's Most Influential. Under the creative direction of Hugo Belloy, co-founder of experiential brand Surprise Surprise, the event featured the theme "Shades of the Extraordinary". This theme celebrated excellence, community, culture and impact, creating a captivating and contemporary experience that surprised, delighted and amazed the audience.

Guests at The Tatler Ball at The Londoner Macao were treated to an exquisite five-course menu showcasing dishes from top restaurants at The Londoner Macao. The Huaiyang Garden delighted guests with appetisers, while The Mews presented a delectable sunflower chicken Tom Kha soup as the second course. The third course, Carabineiro red prawn rice with herbs, was crafted by Chiado, and the fourth course, Beef Wellington, a signature of Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill. The culinary adventure concluded with a delicious dessert from Churchill's Table, made of textures of 72% single origin chocolate.

The evening's entertainment was a true highlight, featuring performances by Bukhu, a Mongolian Australian virtuoso throat-singer and Morin Khuur player. The traditional music of the Morin Khuur, recognised by UNESCO as one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, enchanted the audience. The Hong Kong-based dance troupe Chestroll, winners of the renowned World of Dance competition, delivered a mesmerising performance. Phil D & the Band, a charismatic and groovy band featuring some of Hong Kong's finest musicians, brought vibrant energy to the afterparty; their set was followed by DJ Rork and DJ Sit, who is notably one of Hong Kong's top talents and is highly sought after to play for exclusive special events. DJ Rork, formerly music director of the legendary Kee Club, delighted guests with a mix of funk, disco and rare grooves with electronic touches.

The Londoner Macao, located at the heart of Macao, the historic centre of which is under the UNESCO World Heritage list, stood as the perfect venue for the event. The unique multicultural identity of Macao, reflected in its Western and Chinese architectural heritage, is brought to life through The Londoner Macao, an integrated resort that seamlessly blends the iconic elements of the city of London with the vibrant spirit of Asia.

The remarkable accomplishment of the first regional Tatler Ball, The Tatler Ball at The Londoner Macao, was made possible thanks to the sponsorship and support from Sands Lifestyle, The Londoner Macao, Chopard, HSBC, Moët Hennessy Diageo, and Helena Rubinstein.