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Sands China Enters Comprehensive Strategic Partnership with Tencent Video and Maoyan

Jointly supporting the diversification of Macao's tourism industry

(Macao, Dec. 4, 2023) – Sands China Ltd. has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Tencent Video and Maoyan Entertainment ('Maoyan'). The three parties will leverage their respective strengths to foster comprehensive and in-depth cooperation, including the hosting of large-scale offline events, content creation of lifestyle and entertainment programmes, and online marketing and promotion. These initiatives will provide continued support for the diversification of Macao's tourism industry and further enhance the city’s positioning as a premium destination.

Sands China is the largest integrated resorts operator in Macao, with the most entertainment venues in the city, including the 15,000-seat Cotai Arena, the 1,800-seat The Venetian Theatre, the 6,000-seat The Londoner Arena, the 1,200-seat The Parisian Theatre, and the 1,700-seat The Londoner Theatre, all offering world-class experiences. Comprising The Venetian Macao, The Parisian Macao and The Londoner Macao, the three interconnected integrated resorts under Sands China create a unique European-themed resort city with an array of accommodation, dining, MICE and shopping facilities. The company also has a proven track record of successful cooperation in various fields that demonstrate excellent promotional and execution capabilities.

Tencent Video is the premier destination for online video streaming with 117 million subscribers as of September 30, 2023, offering an unparalleled selection of content that includes drama series, films, variety shows, animation, sports, documentaries, and news, among other genres. With a vast content library and seamless delivery across various platforms and devices, Tencent Video provides the ultimate entertainment experience to audiences.

Maoyan Entertainment (1896.HK) is a leading 'technology + pan-entertainment' service provider in China. The company has three major business segments: online entertainment ticketing services, entertainment content services, and advertising services. Maoyan Entertainment is dedicated to providing valuable industry insights and services to its industry partners along the entertainment industry value chain. The company also aims to continuously expand its capabilities for industrial services and improve its technological infrastructure to empower the industry with its diversified services. Maoyan Entertainment listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on February 4, 2019.

In this strategic partnership, Sands China, Tencent Video and Maoyan Entertainment will cooperate and explore business opportunities in areas such as leisure and entertainment performances, online activities and co-marketing, ticketing products and services, and membership development. The partnership includes but is not limited to the following initiatives.

1. In the area of leisure and entertainment, the three parties will co-organise various events and projects in Macao by leveraging the prime facilities of Sands China's integrated resorts and the rich resources and broad platforms of Tencent Video and Maoyan. Events and projects include live performances, concerts, films, TV series, variety shows, sports and cultural activities, and other in-person events. This year, the three companies have confirmed their intention to launch projects including the annual mega event 'Tencent Video All Star Night 2023', as well as a number of major concerts and variety show filming sessions initiated by Tencent Video and Maoyan.

2. For online events and co-marketing, each party will utilise its own resources, experience and market penetration to optimise the impact of activities and projects. A regular co-marketing mechanism will be established, covering online promotion, local resource integration and marketing collaboration, so as to create influential content, attract more domestic and international visitors to Macao, and continuously raise the city's profile.

3. In terms of ticketing and membership development, Sands China will support Maoyan's ticket sales and other services in its own channels to enhance users' ticketing experience and the venues’ operational efficiency. Both parties will also use their own channels to integrate marketing and promotional resources and benefits to provide publicity and sales support for leisure and entertainment programmes, content creation and ticketing. Maoyan will also provide technical support for Sands China's digital upgrading and transformation, with a focus on ticketing systems, membership point systems and travel products.

This strategic partnership demonstrates the three parties' vision of long-term cooperation. Sands China will work closely with Tencent Video and Maoyan to create more unique and unforgettable travel experiences for visitors to Macao, and make positive contributions to the sustainable development of Macao's tourism industry.


Photo caption: As the largest integrated resorts operator in Macao, Sands China has recently entered into a strategic partnership with Tencent Video and Maoyan Entertainment.