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Sands Lifestyle Presents Extraordinary Gourmet Evenings
with Three-Star Michelin Kaiseki Experience at Sands Resorts Macao

Part of the 2024 Macao Japan Spring Festival starring
Yoshihiro Takahashi, chef-owner of Hyotei


(Macao, Feb. 26, 2024) – Sands Lifestyle continually presents extraordinary gastronomic events that are unique to Macao, including its Sands Celebrity Chef Series. The most recent was an exclusive kaiseki experience, held at Hiro by Hiroshi Kagata at The Venetian® Macao from Feb 22-24, that featured Yoshihiro Takahashi, acclaimed chef-owner of Kyoto's three-star Michelin restaurant Hyotei. This delectable culinary adventure marked the first time that Takahashi had been a guest chef in Macao.

Takahashi is the 15th generation owner to be leading internationally-renowned kaiseki restaurant, Hyotei, which has been family owned for 450 years. The restaurant is celebrating its 14th consecutive year at the top of global gastronomy, having held three Michelin stars since 2010.

The refined evenings began with VIP guests being warmly welcomed by hosts wearing exquisite kimonos, immediately transporting them to Kyoto. The ultra-luxurious, pure silk, kimonos were made by Kyoto's Yoshikawa Sensho & Co., a family-owned business with 140 years' experience, known for hand-painted yuzen dyeing skills and fine craftsmanship.

With the ambience set, Takahashi then presented Kyoto on a plate across nine stunning courses with every offering showcasing the seasonal artistry of kaiseki, often referred to as the haute cuisine of Japan. A highlight of the multi-sensory symphony of tradition and innovation was the Hassun, a selection of distinct yet complementary dishes presented together to set a seasonality tone. Authenticity was also on display with many of the key ingredients sourced from Kyoto, such as the Saikyo miso which was used in a number of aromatic dishes.

Equal focus was placed on aesthetics with Takahashi well-known for his exceptional attention to detail. From the careful selection of tableware to reflect the season to the following of the Japanese cuisine rule of five for harmony (five tastes, five elemental colours, five distinct preparation methods), everything was meticulously chosen. This also played into Takahashi's belief that eating is a complete sensory encounter so ensuring every single detail is finely tuned is a must for this talented chef.

The memorable experience was part of the inaugural 2024 Macau Japan Spring Festival (Feb 1. to March 30), an unprecedented large-scale celebration and exhibition combining Japanese tourism and culture, which is being supported by the Kyoto Prefecture of Japan, the City Government of Kyoto, the Macao Government Tourism Office, and the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute. The festival, which includes the Japanese Contemporary Art Exhibition at Sands Gallery and a performance by J-pop group Takane no Nadeshiko, is designed to provide participants with unparalleled event experiences. It is also hoped that it will build a strong cultural bridge between Macao and Japan. As one of the co-organisers of the two-month festival, Sands China Ltd. also aims to promote the Macao SAR Government's 'tourism+' cross-sector integration initiative and showcase Macao's standing as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. Simultaneously Sands Lifestyle will continue to introduce to its guests unique and exclusive culinary events and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


Photo caption: Presented by Sands Lifestyle, Yoshihiro Takahashi, chef-owner of Kyoto’s three-star Michelin restaurant, Hyotei, hosted gastronomic dinner events as part of the Sands Celebrity Chef Series at The Venetian Macao, providing invited guests with an exclusive kaiseki experience.