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Sands Lifestyle Roadshow Series
'The Fabric of Macao' Dazzles Guests in Seoul

The exclusive industry event showcasing Sands Lifestyle's unique experiences

(Macao, May. 10, 2024) – Sands® Resorts Macao introduced its captivating 'The Fabric of Macao' roadshow extravaganza to travel industry representatives, meeting organisers and media partners in Seoul, Korea on May 9. The extraordinary Sands Lifestyle event stunningly demonstrated Sands Resorts Macao's diverse range of innovative capabilities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences through an unforgettable evening of luxury, art and entertainment.

Stephanie Tanpure, Vice President of Sales, Sands China Ltd. said, "Following a successful launch in Shanghai and Beijing, we are delighted to be in Seoul welcoming our guests to discover the rich tapestry that is Sands Lifestyle. We are known for our exceptional experiences and elevating Macao on the world stage through inventive lifestyle events, and this is exactly what we created for our guests here in Seoul. Being able to extend that stage to some of our gifted artists from Macao, not only amplifies the uniqueness of Macao, but also provides an international platform for our lifestyle partners."

The Seven Pillars of Sands Lifestyle
A key element of the creative destination showcase was highlighting Sands Lifestyle and its deep connection with the city of Macao, with each Sands Lifestyle pillar represented as part of a sumptuous fabric with defined prints.

The Fabric of Macao includes the exquisite Portuguese 'azulejos' tiles, which symbolise the enduring beauty of Art and Culture; signature cobblestone pavements for the iconic Destination of Macao; an auspicious Chinese good luck knot for Connection of people, places and experiences; shimmering gold for the glamorous Fashion scene; a lotus flower pattern in earth tones for Health and Wellness; a wine stain inspired pattern for Gastronomy; and the seventh, a radiant sequin pattern representing Entertainment.

A Dazzling Evening of Discovery
The sensational dinner event began with a dramatic arrival experience that was inspired by the winding streets and alleyways of Macao. Guests walked through a tunnel of fabrics featuring the different prints that make up The Fabric of Macao, accompanied by a specially curated mix from Macao DJ Ziyang and a Korean instrumentalist. This interactive entrance allowed guests to get in touch with the multi-faceted appeal of Macao and Sands Lifestyle in a tangible way while appreciating a fusion of sounds. Numerous photo opportunities added a touch of art and whimsy.

Guests could also watch Macao's artistry in motion as Macanese artist Ada Zhang created a playful painting combining the landmarks of Macao and Seoul, and sample the traditional Dragon's Beard Candy at the Yau Kei Candy Live Demonstration Station.

This was followed by a refined dinner of gastronomic delights and three stunning entertainment acts. The electrifying dance performance 'Welcome to Macao' transported guests to the landmarks of Macao including the Ruins of St. Paul's and Senado Square. 'Bloom', inspired by the latest artwork 'Floating Flower Garden: Flowers and I are of the Same Root, the Garden and I are One' at teamLab SuperNature Macao, celebrated Sands Lifestyle's classic-meets-innovative touch, with the unexpected appearance of a performer in a glamourous orchid-covered dress, accompanied by a beautiful string arrangement of modern tunes and a runway show featuring the latest collection from Macao's noted fashion designer Nuno Lopes. The finale, 'Londoner Takeover', was a spectacular display of British icons, with Scots Guards, Beefeaters and Bobbies performing to the sounds of The Beatles' 'Come Together', marking a perfect end to a perfect evening.

Having showcased the best of Macao to travel partners, meeting organisers and media in Korea Sands Resorts Macao is confident that attendees are excited to visit Macao and to experience more of Sands Lifestyle's unparalleled experiences and events.







Photo Caption: Sands® Resorts Macao held an exclusive VIP event in Seoul on May 9 as part of its Asia-wide roadshow series 'The Fabric of Macao'. The unique Sands Lifestyle experience captivated travel industry representatives, meeting organisers and media partners in attendance.